Ironmen Retreat

April, 28, 2018

Have you ever wanted to better understand where guys like Abraham, David, Joshua, Daniel and Nehemiah all fit in to God’s story? Do you wish you had an overview of the Old Testament so when y... read more

Dr. Alveda King at Grace Chapel

April, 29, 2018

We are so honored to have Dr. Alveda King, civil rights activist and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., join us at Grace Chapel on Sunday, April 29th. Dr. King will be interviewed by Pastor Stev... read more

GC Kids Family Experience Season Finale

May, 06, 2018

Lying and cheating are what people do when they fear no one else will take care of them. But when you trust in God and know His love, you can have the courage to be honest.  Bring your fa... read more

Women’s Luncheon

May, 12, 2018

Ladies, you’re invited to our annual Women’s Ministry Spring Luncheon on Saturday, May 12 with special guest Gianna Jesse... read more

Amir Tsarfati coming to Grace Chapel

May, 23, 2018

We’re excited to have our dear friend Amir Tsarfati (of Behold Israel) with us on Wednesday night, May 23 from 6:30-8p in the Sa... read more

VBS: Shipwrecked

June, 04, 2018

Welcome to Shipwrecked, the VBS where kids learn that Jesus rescues! We have chosen this amazing adventure that will help kids (and adults) begin or deepen thei... read more

Camp KidJam

June, 29, 2018

This summer, Camp KidJam dives into the lives of some people who were moved, not by something—but by SOMEONE. When these individuals met Jesus face to face and discovered who He was, t... read more