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Adult Equipping Stories

Equipping people to become Passionate Servants of Jesus Christ starts with YOU! Your story is to impact others, it is meaningful, and we want you to experience the freedom Christ gave us by attending these classes designed for you. These are real stories from real people who were changed by Jesus through their involvement with Adult Equipping.

“STEP 2 I learned how to hear the voice of God and how he was speaking into my life to share the word with other people” Nikki

“I found out that I needed to really look into myself because of these classes. Some hard questions was asked of me. I had to really examine Paul. You are only going to take out of it what you put into it!” Paul

“STEPS lead me to connect with a small group, to me being baptized in the Jordan River, and lead to my Transformation in Christ” Karen



“I feel like I am much more equipped to lead others either at Grace Chapel or beyond the walls because of the STEP classes” Renee


“If it was not for me going through the STEP classes I wouldn't know the opportunities for serving in different capacities. Take that one Step for him. Become a more passionate servant of Jesus” Tahliah

“It improved our spiritual disciplines.  You get to see the heart of the church in STEP classes” The Franklins