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Life Group Stories

Incredible things happen when we get into a loving, trustworthy community. These are real stories from real people who were changed by Jesus through their involvement with Life Groups.

“My Life Group has put so much into my life. Everything is new for me, I'm learning so much. It has changed my marriage. It has changed everything about my life.” James

“When my wife and I moved from Texas our Life Group became our family. Our Life Group became our foundation and our core.” Sammy

“It's about family. It's about being with a group of people you can count on. It's about growing in grace. It's about learning to be a people of Promise.” Ricki

“I came from a religion that didn’t worship Jesus and I came to a Life Group to secretly learn more about Him and argue with Christians. I was blown away because I was treated like family. I’ve never felt love like this, and received Christ in my Life Group.” Deanna

Our Life Group bonded when everyone surrounded a group member with her cancer diagnosis.  Another of our members was also a Breast Cancer Survivor and her testimony of grace and healing was a real comfort as we all walked the journey together.  Last year through the chemo, surgery and radiation, our group was there every step of the way with meals, rides and meaningful prayer and support.

God's timing was amazing and he really knit our hearts and walk together.  If you poll or ask any of the members, you'll hear that we there is a depth and intimacy that goes far beyond the casual conversations in the sanctuary.

This year we have had another round of walking through issues and continue to hold each other up.