Our Team

Steve Berger

Senior Pastor

Mark Bright

Executive Pastor

Ron Clonts

Administrative Pastor

Jonathan Allen

Worship Pastor

Jay Tremblay

Stewardship Pastor

Rick Cua

Pastoral Care/Visitation

Ron Gonser

Pastoral Care/Visitation

Myron Goodwin

Missions/Adult Equipping Pastor

Dave Buehring

Men's Pastor

Jimmy Harris

Life Group Pastor

Ian Gilchrist

Fairview Community Pastor

David Green

High School Pastor

Shane Ecklund

Young Adults and Community Outreach Pastor

Sarah Berger

Women's Ministry Director

Donna Boone

Women's Ministry Assistant Director

Alena Dean

Young Adults and Community Outreach Assistant

Nate Dickson

Pastoral Apprentice

Tara Astafan

High School Admin Assistant & Outreach Coordinator

Elise Glasser

Life Groups Administrative Assistant

Alicia Alling

Middle School Ministry Assistant

Dylan Dawkins

Middle School Ministry Outreach Leader

Nick Laredo

Middle School Ministry Assistant

Diana Cua

Pastoral Care Counselor

Kandi Mcintyre

Director of Choirs

Faith Ecklund

Women's Worship Leader and Director of Young Adults

Heather Pinter

Assistant Children’s Director/Childcare Supervisor

Hannah Birdwell

GC Kids Scheduler

Rachel Bradley

Children's Ministry Director

Angie Kelley

Can Do Ministry Director

Allison Allen

Arts Director

Tony Bostic

Worship Administrator

Patrick Berger

Hospitality Ministry Manager

Derek Brown

Executive Aide to Pastor Steve Berger/Director of Communications

Katie Green

Communications Manager

Nikki Hollis

Marketing Coordinator

Tammy Stanley

GC Kids Assistant

Catie Simpkins

GC Kids Event Coordinator

Lexi Yeager

Preschool Assistant

Nicole Patterson

Elementary Assistant

Tiffany Hale

Children’s Ministry, Volunteer Care Specialist

Matt Bennett

IT Director

Brant Rohwer

Director of Production and Technology

Joey Turner

Audio Engineer

Matt Dolan

Graphic Artist

Jon Bowen


Isaac Alling

A/V Systems Tech

Matt Perkins

A/V System Tech

Bill Woodward

Director of Campus Safety & Security

Brooke Sawyer

Executive Assistant to Pastor Mark Bright/Human Resources Director

Heather Owens

Event Coordinator

Jessie Berryman

Pastoral Care Administrative Assistant

Patti Tremblay

Pastoral Care - Special Events Assistant

Janine Harris

Stewardship Administrative Assistant

Michael Gallagher

Accounts Payable

Tahliah Peek

Missions & Equipping Administrative Assistant

Mark Supalla

Facilities Director

Grant Olson

Facilities and Maintenance

Christy Haines

Facilities Administrative Assistant

Will Miller

Facilities Worker

Gwen Mayes


Chris Crampton

Facilities and Maintenance

Board Members

Steve Berger

Elder/Financial Board

Mark Bright


James Brown


Kurt Beasley


Ron Clonts


Scott Farrar


Ron Gonser


Tyler Ring


Rick Wood


Steve Lee

Financial Board

Fred Nance

Financial Board

Steve Craver

Financial Board

Johnny Ring

Financial - In Perpetuity From Heaven

Reese Smith

Financial Board

Don White

Financial Board