relaunching grace chapel

Navigating the new normal with the same mission: Equipping People to be Passionate Servants of Jesus Christ.

We’re in an unprecedented time in history with so many fears, unknowns, and changes – and you are doing a great job.
Thank you for gracefully walking with us through this time as we navigate the new normal with the same mission: equip people to be passionate servants of Jesus Christ.

On campus church services will relaunch on Sunday, June 7! It’s been so good to see your face at drive-in church and we’re excited to open up the doors of the building and gather in that way.
With so many people feeling so many different ways about gathering in person, we want to serve you and your family in the best way we can.
While we are within our rights to meet publicly, we want to hear from you. Could you take about 3 minutes and fill out this survey? It’s completely anonymous and will give us a good idea on where everyone’s at and how we can best serve you.
After we compile all the results, we’ll formulate a plan for our reopening. It won’t be a perfect fit for everyone, but we want to provide as many options as possible to accommodate our church family with what you need.
You might feel super uncomfortable coming on campus, that’s okay. There’s a place for you online.
You might be somewhat comfortable, as long as people wear masks and maintain social distancing. That’s okay, there’s a place for you.
You might be over everything and just want to be in the same room as everyone like we were a few months ago. That’s okay, there’s a place for you.
No matter what camp you’re in, let’s remember to be kind.