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Josh Montes

Audio Engineer

Josh grew up and learned most of his skills in the church. He went to Logos University majoring in Biblical studies, music theory, and audio engineering. Josh has been married to his rockstar wife Tiffany since 2012. They moved from Florida to Tennessee in 2019 and both call Grace Chapel their home.  He considers it an honor and blessing to serve and worship with such an incredible team.

“Your eternal destiny: the ultimate love story, written in blood on a wooden cross erected in Judea some two thousand years ago.”
― Chuck Missler

“As followers of Christ, our greatest delight will always be found in our obedience to His Word. The gospel is about much more than how we get saved and go to heaven. The gospel is about the work of Christ saturating every aspect of our lives. “
Voddie Baucham

“Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers.”
― Francis Chan



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