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My identity in Christ

My identity in Christ

The world tells you a lot about who you are, how you should act, what you should do. But, what if they’re wrong?

Work harder.
Be better.
Do more.
You’re not good enough.
Your life doesn’t matter.
Nothing you think is important.
You’ll never measure up. 

Do any of these statements sound like the soundtrack of your mind?

Culture is doing everything it can to shape you into someone you were never created to be.

Important Note

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, you are a new creation (not just an improved old you.)

This is super important:

  • You are not how you feel.
  • You are not your insecurities.
  • You are not the sum total of your past, your mistakes, or your sins.
  • You are not who your unloving, abusive, distant, uninvolved relationships say you are.
  • You are not who the devil says you are.

This means you have freedom from strongholds, power for ministry, confidence in living, hope for tomorrow, strength for today, victory over temptation, and a new identity!

Identity in Christ

Your identity is based on how God sees you: You are greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved.

If you’ve never considered who you are in Christ (or just need a refresher), read over these statements.

And read them out loud. That might sound weird, but when you hear yourself speak truth about your identity – things begin to shift.


The Gospel changes everything.

If you are in Christ, if you’ve surrendered authority of your life over to Him, you are literally a brand-new creation.

The enemy will do everything in his power to get you to doubt that. He’ll speak loudly that you are unloved and with no purpose.

Print out this sheet on your identity in Christ. Tape in on your mirror or put it in your bag. Somewhere convenient so that when you feel like God doesn’t love you, you can remind yourself the truth about who you are.