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Welcome to Community Outreach. There are several opportunities to get involved and make a difference in our community.

1. Love Your Neighbor Day: This brings people together with a service project, usually once a month. We go into our community on a larger scale and do things like: yard work, house work, love on, pray on, and try to make a difference where we can.

Our next Love Your Neighbor Day is TBD.

2. Franktown: This is a partnership that we have developed to assist with the growth, both Spiritually and with life-skills, to the students in our city. This is how we impact the next generation. There are so many ways to get involved. Come and make a difference at Franktown.

3. Baby Girls Club: This is a partnership with Nicole C. Mullen's Ministry to girls all over the Franklin area. Nicole's team teaches dance and Scripture while building up the value in young girls. There are several ways to get involved. Driving vans, packing snacks, being a dance assistant (just to name a few!)

Our community is our mission field. To get involved and for more information, email

Have questions? Our team can help

shane ecklund
young adults and outreach pastor 

alena dean
young adults + outreach assistant