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high school ministry

Empowering students to be disciples of Christ
in a loving, welcoming community

Sundays: 9:00am and Wednesdays: 6:30pm in the Barn

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It’s time for you to stop feeling anxious, guarded, and stagnant in your faith, and instead be known, build meaningful relationships, and learn to live out your faith!

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We believe no student should be robbed of the abundant life Jesus offers.

High School ministry exists to be a safe place for you to learn how to walk in relationships with Jesus and other people

There’s value in being in community


Be known-well
There’s a big difference in people knowing “about” you and actually being known. In HSM, you can know others and be known in a community that loves and welcomes you just as you are.


You were made for
meaningful relationships
In a Christ-centered community, you can feel free to be yourself with all of the good, bad and ugly, knowing that there will be someone to walk by your side through any season of life.



Learn to live out your faith
You probably know that walking out your faith as a high schooler can leave you wondering if you’re getting it right. As you invest yourself in this community, learn from Biblical teaching, and choose to remain open to whatever God might want to do in your life, we believe that you will be equipped with what you need to personally follow Jesus, be transformed into His likeness, and go on mission with Him as a disciple who is making disciples.



Being connected in community is simple:

1. Come to a service
We meet on Sundays at 9:00am and on Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the Barn at the back side of the property. Both services have worship, teaching, and a time for small groups. We also have game nights and worship nights!


2. Meet the team
Walking into a room full of people you don’t know isn’t on the top of anyone’s to-do list. You won’t be alone walking into the barn. You’ll be greeted by someone from our team who will show you around and introduce you to people who are excited to welcome you into the family.

3. Build lasting community
Being a disciple of Christ involves fellowshipping with a community that is committed to following Jesus together. These people want to walk through all of the ups and downs with you, and many of these relationships will extend far past the years of high school.

Have questions? Our team can help

David Green

Executive Pastor, Family & Operations

Dylan Dawkins

Student Pastor

Mia Sarah Griffith

High School Ministry Coordinator