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Grace Chapel life groups


When you really start to pursue God and pursue relationship with others, fear becomes courage; shame becomes healing and transformation; blame becomes ownership, responsibility, dominion, transformation. 

 Grace Chapel Life Groups, Welcome Home

My life was forever changed

 “I came from a religion that didn’t worship Jesus and I came to a Life Group to secretly learn more about Him and argue with Christians. I was blown away because I was treated like family. I’ve never felt love like this, and received Christ in my Life Group.” - Deanna

Want to start a group?

Jesus didn’t call the able, He called the willing. You can lead a Life Group. If you have a heart to press into Jesus and the community He’s placed around you, start a Life Group today. We’ll give you all the tools you need!

Life Group LEader Resources

Have questions? Our team can help

jimmy harris
life groups pastor

amy calhoun
ministry partner to
pastor jimmy