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1NE | Young Adults


Discover community, live abundantly

I'm interested in getting involved,
what do I do?

Come on a

Be our guest every Friday at Grace Chapel (3279 Southall Rd, Franklin, TN. entrance 1 or 9) Worship & teaching begins at 7p (we're currently not serving dinner). We don’t like goodbyes, so hang late at the After Hour for snacks, games, and fellowship!

Join a
Life Group

The life group setting is where meaningful, deep, and lasting relationship begins. You’ll find that you never have to walk through life alone again. Find the group for you!

With Us

Serving is the heartbeat of our community. We believe that when we serve, it makes a radical difference in our own lives and the lives of those we serve.

Stop feeling alone and find your purpose

There are times in life we feel alone and without purpose. Grace Chapel Young Adults is a community where people can find life-giving, consistent friendships and discover their God-given gifts. Cultivating your individual gifting helps you uncover what your Kingdom purpose is. 

Here's what we promise:

 Friendly team here to help

Passionate & spontaneous

There is a place for you

A place to build community

Biblical teaching that is relevant to everyone

We don’t ask guests for their money

Life Groups

When you begin to seek God and establish real relationships, these things hold true: insecurity becomes peace and contentment; fear becomes courage; rejection becomes acceptance;  shame becomes power. Get into a closer community and never walk through life again alone. 

Have questions? Our team can help

caleb james
young adults leader

josh simpson
young adults team